25 Things to Celebrate 25 Years

To celebrate my birthday this year, I wanted to do something different to mark what feels like a big milestone (to me anyways). Turning 25 means that I’m halfway through my 20s! When I turned 20, I was about to start my senior year at IWU. I hadn’t even met Jacob yet. I had just returned from a summer of teaching in Macedonia. I just got my first tattoo. Now here I am. Jacob and I have been married for two years. I’ve graduated with two degrees. I’ve been full of life and closer to death than ever before. A lot can happen in five years and so I want these next five years of my 20s to start off well!

I usually approach my birthday with some pretty high expectations and so I am used to being disappointed. Instead of resigning myself to an okay birthday, I decided that I am going to celebrate myself in the ways that I most long for.


Rather than planning a big party, I want to celebrate my 25th birthday by filling my day with 25 things that are meaningful to me. Some of these are extra special, but most of these are the mundane, everyday life things that bring me joy and add meaning and beauty to my days. The intentionality of the celebration is really what I most want anyway. Thankfully, my husband celebrates his birthday the day before mine! This beautiful coincidence means that instead of celebrating our birthdays separately we have more of a two-day birthday celebration that counts for both of us. I love it.

For accountability and just for fun, here’s my list! On August 27th (and 26th), I am going to do my best to fit each of these 25 things into my days. Let’s celebrate!! 🙂

  1. Morning cuddles with my husband.
  2. Make a fancy breakfast with Jacob. Pancakes, sausage, fruit. 
  3. Drink mimosas at breakfast.
  4. Light the candlesticks.
  5. Listen to a psalm. I use my Dwell Bible app for listening to Scripture. 
  6. Read a birthday blessing from To Bless the Space Between Us.
  7. Practice yoga.
  8. Listen to a favorite record on the record player. Birdtalker or Johnnyswim? 
  9. Dance in the kitchen with my husband.
  10. Give $25 to a non-profit that I support. I’ll be donating to Treetops Collective.
  11. Eat a birthday cake/cupcake at Rise!
  12. Meet up with a good friend to share the birthday celebrations.
  13. Write a letter to my future self. Maybe I’ll write a letter to 30 year old Rachel. 
  14. Read a chapter in whatever book I’m currently reading.
  15. Choose to wear an outfit that I love.
  16. Go out for dinner with my parents. Butchers Union, woo!  
  17. Get outside and take a walk. Beach, park, garden, etc.
  18. Visit the library.
  19. Solve one of Jacob’s riddles to open the lockbox.
  20. Buy a fresh bouquet of flowers or a new plant.
  21. Take some nice pictures of myself and me and Jacob.
  22. Draw a gratitude tree for year 24.
  23. Drive to the beach to watch the sunset. On the night before my birthday.
  24. SUP (Standup Paddle boarding) at Millennium Park. This is for Jacob’s birthday on Monday!
  25. Be present and enjoy the day! You are loved and you are worth celebrating.


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